X Instruction Car Roll Sign (Type 7 End Destination)

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This sign is a portion of a destination roll sign most likely manufactured by Trans-Lite in the 1990s. A MBTA trolley would display this sign when it was not in revenue service, but being used as an instruction car.

The sign shown was removed from a much longer roll sign. The entire roll sign listed all of the destinations of the Green Line LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) in which it would have been installed. Typically back-lighted with fluorescent lights, the roll sign was installed on rollers in a metal case. The lighted destination sign, in its case, located in the front of the trolley above the operator. The destinations displayed could be changed by the vehicle operator.

This sign was manufactured for MBTAs fleet of Type 7 Green Line LRVs, many of which are still in service today. Newer, Type 8 LRVs were built with electric signs. Roll signs like this will not be used again in the future. Own a piece of transit history before they are all gone!

The sign is made of a light, but strong plastic film, mylar. Dimensions: Approximately 41" wide x approximately 18" tall.