MBTA Single Direction "TrainTrackr" LED Map - Updates In Real Time!

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Tracks trains on the MBTA in Boston, showing live locations as each vehicle moves around the network.

TrainTrackr connects to traintrackr.io servers over wifi to provide live location information, updating train positions every second.

This board shows trains on the Red, Blue, Orange, and Green Lines. When a train is at a certain location, a corresponding LED is illuminated. Green board is printed with stops with station names.

Package contains:

  • Live Train Tracker
  • Wooden Stand
  • USB Cable
  • USB to American Wall Plug Connector
  • Setup Instructions

Note: You will need to plug this into a USB phone charger, computer USB port, or wall outlet for power.

Board size: 234mm x 150mm (9.2" x 5.9")

Animation shown at 5x Speed