MBTA Red Line Subway Car Menorah

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Hand made by skilled potter, Alice Templeton, in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Made of high fire porcelain with multiple glaze layers.

Overall Dimensions = 12.25" long or 11.25" long x 2.5" wide x " tall

About the artist: Alice Templeton has lived in Boston for 40 years. She lives in Charlestown. She feels that Boston is a remarkable city, as it is both beautiful and livable. It is also perfectly located on the ocean, close to other natural places, and it is accessible by the MBTA. Alice has always found inspiration in nature, and from observing the world around her. She has been a potter in Boston for the past 20 years. Alice’s T themed work originated as part of a ‘country/city’ group challenge at Mudflat Studio in Somerville, MA. where she is a studio artist. Her menorahs are individually formed from a rolled out slab of porcelain clay, and hand painted with 2-3 coats of underglaze to achieve the bright colors.

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