MBTA Track(e)r Map - Updates In Real Time!

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MBTA Tracker Map designed and programmed by the Cambridge Hackspace in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Map covers the northern and central portion of the MBTA's rapid transit system. The map does not show all stations. Map features LEDs along the MBTA's Red, Green, Blue, and Orange Lines. Color-coded LEDs illuminate when a train is in that station or section of track. Map updates every minute via wi-fi connection! Map / circuit board measures 4" x 4". Stand is made of laser-cut wood (some simple assembly required).

What's Included:
  • 4" x 4" LED map / green circuit board
  • Wood stand (minor assembly required)
  • USB power cable
  • Gift box

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does the map not include all stations? To balance economies of cost and space, the map only feature the northern and central portions of the MBTA rapid transit system. We hope to include all stations in future versions/designs.

How does the map connect to WiFi?
Just use a mobile device to log into the tracker and tell it what your local WiFi connection information is. Once the tracker is connected, it will update each minute.

Where can I see this person?
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