MBTA Farebox

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Authentic farebox from an MBTA vehicle. These fareboxes are the Model K50M manufactured by Keene.

Weight: 50 pounds Height: 24" Width: 10.5" Depth: 7.5"

The same farebox model was used in RTS style buses as well as Boeing LRVs and Type 7 streetcars on the Green Line. There is a switch on the inside that can be toggled for LRV or bus operation. We cannot confirm which specific vehicle type each farebox came from. Pictured here is a sample. Each farebox has different wear and tear as well as dents or damage. Some fareboxes have the 60 cent stickers, some do not. You will be able to view a selection of fareboxes and choose one you like.

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ITEM IS SOLD AS IS. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED. We make no warranty that these fareboxes are functional in any way. The internal mechanical parts are included as is. They may be broken or incomplete.