Lechmere Roll Sign (Type 7 Side Destination)

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This sign is a portion of roll sign AH-6624-2 manufactured by Trans-Lite for the MBTA. A MBTA trolley would display this sign when its destination was Lechmere.

The sign shown was removed from a much longer roll sign. The entire roll sign listed all of the destinations of the Green Line LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) in which it would have been installed. Typically back-lighted with fluorescent lights, the roll sign was installed on rollers in a metal case. The lighted destination sign, in its case, was viewable through a side window of the trolley. The destinations displayed could be changed by the vehicle operator.

This sign was manufactured for MBTAs fleet of Type 7 Green Line LRVs, many of which are still in service today. Newer, Type 8 LRVs were built with electric signs. Roll signs like this will not be used again in the future. Own a piece of transit history before they are all gone!

The sign is made of a light, but strong plastic film, mylar. Dimensions: Approximately 39" wide x approximately 21" tall.