Boston's MTA: Through Riverside and Beyond

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This second volume in our Streetcar Lines of the Hub series continues the story of Boston traction frim 1950 to the end of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) in 1964. When the MTA succeeded the Boston Elevated Railway in 1947, high hopes were riding on its success. By the end of its last full year, however, the MTA's annual deficit had skyrocketed, and service had only expanded in two places: the Riverside Line to Newton and the East Boston Tunnel Extension to Revere. Where the MTA really succeeded—in terms of its goals—was the dismantling of most of Boston's remaining surface streetcar network. In 1940, there were 52 active streetcar lines, and by 1960, only 8.
In this new book, we take a nostalgic journey along the varied routes that the MTA's streetcar traversed. Witness changing equipment, memorable streetscapes and, for many lines, the final days of operaion with over 425 photos—most of which are in color—36 color maps and diagrams, and more color memorabilia! This is the only comprehensive book ever written about the streetcar lines of Boston's MTA!

Author: Bradley H. Clarke
Publisher: Boston Street Railway Association
Year Published: 2015
Format: Hardcover
Length: 240 pages
Published by: Boston Street Railway Association.

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