Brookline Hills Station: MBTA Rapid Transit Map Panel 2020

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Authentic MBTA wall panel map removed from Brookline Hills Station early 2021. Rapid Transit Map is framed in aluminum and riveted to older, heavy, porcelain-steel panel. Map is dated Feb. 2020 V.34.

Panel weighs approximately 75 pounds.
Panel is 48" tall by 48" wide and approximately 1" thick.

Due to size and weight, this item is AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP ONLY. THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED.

All vintage signs, panels or maps for sale on MBTAgifts are authentic pieces of Boston's transit history. Each sign may have been used in active service on the MBTA, MTA or BERy and is sold as is. Each sign may be scratched, bent, dirty or otherwise "imperfect."