6 Car Train Stop Indication Sign

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Sheet metal sign indicates where a train of multiple cars should stop at a platform where the sign was installed. The sign helped train operators know where to stop if they were driving a six car, four car, two car train, etc. Aluminum sign is one piece, with a 90 degree bend. The area of the larger face, with the numbers is 12” x 12 1/8”. The slash is orange. The area of the smaller face, the one with the mounting holes, is 12” x 2 1/8”.

Authentic sign decommissioned by the MBTA. Sign is an authentic piece of Boston transit history, recent or past. Sign may have been used in active service on the MBTA, MTA or BERy and is sold as is. Sign may be scratched, bent, dirty or otherwise "imperfect". All signs are sold as is.

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